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Basic information
Real name



The Last City


The Old Tower. (Some memories don't die away...)


The Last City and Pencils.

Places I've lived

Last City and The Farm. That's it.


Hivebane Education. (Though no one has joined yet)

About me

Hey! I'm Virgil! I'm a Ghost who loves drawing and making bad puns that'd make you wanna snuggle a Colossus over hearing them. Hobbies include, drawing, making puns, complaining about Destiny 2, drowning myself in the lore, playing Destiny, making theories that sometimes can be good and sometimes be bad but they're still fun, and just being flat-out lazy. If you want lore/theories, I'm the guy for ya!

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Personal information

Transformers 1987, and Gods of Egypt, And Disney in general (Except Infinity War, haven't seen it).


Transformers Animated and Transformers Prime. Call be a baby all ya want! These shows are good!


Undertale, Destiny (duh), Hollow Knight, a lot of video games, but I have some IRL ones like Dream Theater. (I know, I just shattered the fourth wall there.) And also if you like Undertale music check out NyxTheSheild on Youtube! He's great!

Video games

Undertale, Destiny, Hollow Knight, TF2, Transformers:Devastation, Transformers:Fall of Cybertron and War for Cybertron, A Hat in Time, Monster Hunter World, Minecraft, Overwatch, and all things Nintendo.

Destiny tidbits
Favorite Destiny moment

Taken King and MAYBE Forsaken

Worst Destiny moment

The, "Folk Your Lore" tweet.

Anything else

People underestimate how being lazy can work out in the end.

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I must ask, how did you make such a lovely profile?


We have a page called Destinypedia:Sandbox for all test edits you wish to make


Wait, I think only staff (admins and the like) can do that. But first, copy your all your content before the page goes.


I'd suggest copying all your previous content and copying it, deleting your wiki page, and then re-create it by pasting the content you copied. If that doesn't work, I'll change it around.


Editing yes. Reading, no. I've been reading the lore for ages no but I've pretty much just started editing. :D


I remember telling you that there's a way to start a new forum page without doing it on an existing forum. Hover over to the left template-->Community-->Destinypedia Forums-->Fan Fiction. Next, type your title in the white bar in the middle, then click "Add New Topic". And the forumheader is simple: { { Forumheader | Fan Fiction } }, but without the spaces except for between the words "Fan" and "Fiction". Hope that helps.