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LivingTribunal 8
Basic information
About me

Age 18 and I'm a guy.

PlayStation ID
Personal information

Basically any Marvel movie (Cinematic universe).


Flash and Psych


Don't really have a preference


Historical Fiction and Fiction in general

Video games

Destiny 1 vet jumped in as soon as I got my ps4 (which was around the taken king). Playing destiny 2 now and got to say both are really up there in terms of my favorite games of all time. I poured more hours into destiny than any other game.


Don't really have a preference


Waffles, BBQ, Cheese Puffs, Pizza, and ice cream (Super healthy I know)


Root Beer

Destiny tidbits
Favorite Destiny moment

Beating the first boss of the King's Fall Raid (the warpriest), and getting the raid rocket launcher with tracking. Kicking Oryx's butt is also up there.

Worst Destiny moment

Got to say one Prison of elders run my buddy and I plus a random for some reason could not get past the taken knight boss. It took a ridiculous amount of tries, like 15 it sucked, a lot.

Anything else

Always looking for some friendly teams, love the cooperation built into destiny.

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Yeah, man, still on here? You can still meet people here.