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Basic information
Real name

Damon S. Meredith


Corning AR.




April 26th

About me

I am a gamer that play´s Destiny (CaptianDiscord)if you ever need help message me over Xbox one

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My deepest apologies CaptianDiscord. A user bearing a nearly identical user IP had recently vandalized the wiki under two separate ID's and I mistook you for him as he had been banned just yesterday and I suspected he had returned under a new account. If you need anything or have any questions while editing, be sure to let me know. Its great to have you on the team!


CaptainDiscord, or should I say Meachia, sockpuppeting is not allowed here. Please stop trying to vandalize simply because you cannot have your way. Adhere to the standard, and your edits will be accepted. Its not a hard concept to comprehend.