Red Legion Deserters

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Red Legion Deserters


Unknown, presumably to defect from the Red Legion
Carve out their own strongholds


Daazaz Dar, Unbowed Legion
Mouvurg, Unbowed Legion
Shogmar, Unbowed Legion
Valus Dulurc


European Aerial Zone
The Boil
Trapper's Cave


European Aerial Zone


The Red Legion Deserters are a unnamed group of Cabal that has recently left the Red Legion.


After the deaths of multiple Red Legion officers, a chunk of their forces left the battered Legion, and tried to carve out their own strongholds throughout the System. The first few accounts were Cabal escapees that the Spider holds bounties over, along with those hiding within the Reef.

They would only reappear during the second Solstice of Heroes in the form of the Unbowed Legion. While they did manage to carve a stronghold there, they were unfortunately cut down by the Guardians who were seeking to improve themselves.

With the recent events of Season of the Worthy, it is known more Cabal have likely deserted, yet as to their specific names and numbers remains unknown.

Notable Members[edit]

Unique Forces[edit]