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Hidden Swarm/“Scarlet Hive”[edit]

With the new gameplay released with Shadowkeep, is there any hard evidence to suggest the Hidden Swarm are not the Hive Sect we see? Because, unless I see a death screen that say a player was killed by this supposed “Scarlet Brood”, I see no reason to suggest the Hidden Swarm aren’t the present Hive brood, considering they were/are present on Luna. Akarasis, Archon of Stone (talk) 16:21, September 26, 2019 (EDT)

To the person that wrote this edit, you are not entirely correct. A Hive sect wouldn’t just spontaneously grow spikes and turn all their architecture red and retain their original name. Now it is possible that they are a remnant group of the Spawn of Crota sect and Hidden Swarm, because as you said they were both present on the moon and in the Cosmodrome. What is the most likely reason for their change in color and additional spikes and teeth that aren’t present in other sects, is that after the deaths of Crota and Omnigul who were the main progenitors of both the Spawn of Crota and Hidden Swarm, both broods of hive combined their remaining forces as they were now without an official brood queen and a proper sire and thus most likely rallied under a new flag and name as Crota’s daughters succeeded their father and renamed the remnants of his legions of Hive the Scarlet Brood. So your theory on whether or not they are Hidden Swarm may not be wrong but, it also may not be entirely correct either. I hope that you take my theory into consideration as I am a deep fan of the Destiny universe and in particular the Hive race as they have an interesting creation story and have an interesting culture outside of slaughtering millions just to feed their worms.