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On the Topic of Pyramids[edit]

Regarding the sizes and textures of the Pyramids, while the SoA ones have slightly different exterior patterns, they all share the same model as the Lunar Pyramid. This goes for the Europan one as well (despite its own patterns). The Pyramid in the Interference statue room is this very model, albeit smaller. Though it doesn't share the same "mismatched" exterior patterns the SoA ones have or the curiously textured Europan one (instead it has the Lunar Pyramid's textures), it is the same shape (it's not missing anything from the lower structure). Also to note, the Lunar Pyramid has green exterior lights, but not as prevalent as the SoA or Europan Pyramids' yellow lights. All of these Pyramids that we've seen so far are also the same size, and some only appear bigger due to their positioning. As such, I think it may be best to remove the references to different sizes.

To add, the cutscene at the beginning of SoA showed the Io Pyramid fighting Rasputin, not the Martian one. The holograms depicted Jupiter next to this battle and the first shot is of the Io Pyramid approaching. Finally, "Clarity Control" is not the Europan Pyramid. The lore book "The Once-Shipstealer" confirms that the Europan Pyramid arrived in Sol with the rest of the Armada recently. Not to mention, Clarity Control is sketched in the "Bray Exoscience" area of Europa's patrol space, said sketch being consistent with Clovis 1's descriptions. -- AM1 (talk) 19:02, 15 November 2020 (EDT)