List of Mithrax quotes

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Lore quotes[edit]

  • Wolves rebel. Now, Wolves extinct. This where-live mine-things scatter must end. I will Kell the mind-open Eliksni. No spider-tricks. No loyal-lies. Variisis truths. We fight for Great Machine together. – Mithrax

The Lost Splicer quotes[edit]

  • Mithrax: — over their possessions. Trigger message repeat.
  • This is Misraaks. To those who who renounce the violence of House Salvation and seek refuge in the House of Light... I will be landing a Skiff near Asterion Abyss. Bring only what you need. We must prioritize survivors over their possessions. Trigger message repeat.
  • [grunts] The Guardian is almost here. Stay down, stay quiet.
  • I don't... but the Light provides. [grunts]
  • Guardian, I find you in the Light. And on your signal... Ikora Rey?
  • This is known. You are not the only one with hidden eyes. Many enemies pursue my House of Light. We did not wish to be found.
  • I am aware. Vex systems pulse with talk of the City's Endless Night... but my people demand much protection. If this Guardian could assist me in blinding the Vex here, we can speak without risky more bloodshed.
  • I have opened the door for you, Guardian. Will you walk the path of the Sacred Splicer?
  • The path before them is no illusion. The Guardian ventures deep through the Vex domain itself, where the machines guard their most precious secrets.
  • I will clear the way.
  • You move freely through space none but our most skilled Splicers can even perceive. The Light shines strong within you.
  • Hold fast, Guardian. I will alter the fabric of these Vex system to aid you.
  • You are further than I have ever been... find the Vex curator. Destroy it and claim the living code woven through its core.
  • You must flee! Now! Do not fall in that Lightless place!
  • Hmm. Another power works against me, pushing back. This is troubling.
  • The system is collapsing! Hold strong. I will create another exit!
  • Yes. With the core you hold, the secrets of the Vex reveal themselves to us. To study such an artifact would benefit us both... but there is no time. My people must move on if we hope to survive.
  • Ikorakel, can you offer the Eliksni such a thing?
  • Then we accept, with Light in our hearts. We will join you in your City... beneath the Traveler.[1]

Expunge: Labyrinth quotes[edit]

  • You are breaching the space between reality and possibility. Where matter meets will and bends in a prism of Light. A reality where none but the Vex have ever been. But what you see here is made manifest by your mind, turning Vex consciousness to something tangible. This is no mere simulation. Death in this domain is as real for the Vex as it is for you.
  • What? No. Guardian, the Vex have sensed your presence in the network and are attempting a purge. You must hurry into the domain!
  • A labyrinth of Vex consciousness, made manifest. This must be where the Vex design their architecture before bringing it to reality.
  • We must find a way through this labyrinth to the Oppressive Mind within.
  • That structure ahead is a knot of Vex consciousness. If destroyed, it may reveal a path forward.
  • In order to circumvent the remaining defenses, you must deceive the Vex domain consciousness into thinking you are one of them. You should be able to splicer an essence of their consciousness from a destroyed Vex.
  • The Oppressive Mind emerges. Sever it from this domain!
  • The Oppressive Mind has shielded itself from intrusion. Try splicing a Vex consciousness into their network to break its defenses.
  • The impossible made possible. You truly are a thing of legends, Guardian. The Oppressive Mind that commanded this domain is no more, and now this region of the Vex network must collapse. The fabric of reality is beginning to return to its prior state.
  • This is how we save our people. By tearing apart the veil of night that the Vex have laid over the City.
  • An Eliksni Splicer would not have been able to endure this confrontation. And a Lightbearer without a Splicer Gauntlet would never have been able to enter this domain at all. The Guardian is a union-being. A conduit between two houses. They are proof of what can be accomplished when seperate components become a single machine. As Zavalakel says: Stronger. Together.[2]

Expunge: Styx quotes[edit]

  • Do you feel that? The more you explore the Vex domain, the more I feel an all-seeing eye upon us. Ever watchful, ever seeking. We trespass in dimensions not meant for either of us.
  • The Vex have enacted a purge sweep of the domain. We should stay ahead of it.
  • A layer of barriers defends this realm, a mighty fortress that resists brute force. Cunning is the key here, Guardian. If you overload that thought-conduit with an attack, you may be able to capture Vex data.
  • That fragment of Vex data can be used to splice a bypass in their security, granting us access to the Oppressive Mind at this domain's core. I have helped as much as I can. You tread uncharted paths.. solving this enigma is up to you, and the skills you have been given.
  • The barrier has destabilized. You will need to continue to chip away at the defenses to destroy it entirely.
  • The Oppressive Mind rises to face us. Show it the power of a Splicer.
  • With your Light, you are unweaving a reality the Vex have forced upon us. The tapestry of their design continues to fray. But this way far from over.
  • I am aware of the device Lakshmi uses. Does it not worry you?
  • It is taxing on its user. To have one's consciousness fractured into countless splinters and rejoined again can be... harrowing.
  • This sort of technology is taboo among the Eliksni. But perhaps House Light can still offer some assistance. My engineers could improve on the design... make it easier for Lakshmi...
  • Yes, perhaps... perhaps you are right.[3]

Expunge: Tartarus quotes[edit]

  • Each trespass into this domain is easier for you than the last. I feel you moving through the Vex network as they do, as they are. You are no longer an invader; you are a part of the system. I hope that as you change this place... it is also not changing you.
  • Another purge sweeps through the network; be cautious.
  • The guts of this dimension churn, digesting all within. This entire place seeks your end. You will need to find a defense against the forces of eradication and entropy at work here.
  • We have awoken the Oppressive Mind! Destroy it!
  • Each time the Guardian destroys a Vex mind in control of a domain, the remaining Vex carry the leftover burden.
  • That... is unclear.
  • We will work harder. We will find a way. The Light provides.[4]

Override quotes[edit]

Weeks 1 to 3

Week 4

Bounty quotes[edit]

Big Data

  • "To manipulate Vex Data is to control their reality. Their existence bends with it." —Mithrax

Confirm Delete

  • "Collapse their reality with as much force as you can summon." —Mithrax

Custom Firmware

  • "Your weapons channel Light. Without you, they are nothing." —Mithrax

Data Leak

  • "Data is to the Vex as Ether to the Eliksni. It is the source of their strength." —Mithrax

Defrag Out

  • "Send an burst of data they cannot parse." —Mithrax

Focused Deletion

  • "The Vex exist in an anticipated present. When combating them, precision is a necessity." —Mithrax

Fried Circuits

  • "Charge their network until it bursts." —Mithrax

Full Reformat

  • "Return their network to the empty space it once was." —Mithrax


  • "Melt the network with your Light." —Mithrax

Malware Removal

  • "In the Vex network, nothing is destroyed. Only transferred back to non-existence." —Mithrax

Mass Deletion

  • "A Splicer must be as swift as the Light, or be overcome by Darkness." —Mithrax

Null Splicing

  • "The system shudders as you decompile the Vex within." —Mithrax

Overclocked Splicing

  • "The Vex network is vulnerable to thermal failure." —Mithrax

Overwrite: Fanatics

  • "Vex rely on radiolaria, Eliksni on Ether, and humans on water. Is it not interesting how fluids rule all life?" —Mithrax

Overwrite: Harpies

  • "Harpies perform crucial data-gathering processes. Destroying them denies the Vex needed information." —Mithrax

Overwrite: Hobgoblins

  • "You have more in common with the Vex than you suspect. You both rely on machines to give your bodies life." —Mithrax

Overwrite: Minotaurs

  • "Many eons of living in machine bodies have made the Vex minds machine-like. Is it so with Exos?" —Mithrax

Overwrite: Powerful Vex

  • "The Vex do not see power like Guardians. Their view of time does not permit it." —Mithrax

Solid-State Impact

  • "Pull bullets from the code of your foes." —Mithrax

Splicer's Arrow

  • "Guardians make ancient weapons new again. The Eliksni appreciate this power." —Mithrax

Splicer's Barrage

  • "Channel your Light through the fire of your weapon!" —Mithrax

Splicer's Blast

  • "The Way of the Splicer is one of refinement. But raw power has its place." —Mithrax

Splicer's Bolt

  • "This technology is familiar to me. I have seen many Eliksni, and humans, destroyed by it." —Mithrax

Splicer's Burst

  • "The Vex cannot be intimidated. They cannot be persuaded. Instead, they must burn in your Light." —Mithrax

Splicer's Draw

  • "The Vex have not transcended their vulnerability to bullets." —Mithrax

Splicer's Defrag

  • "Deconstruct your opponents in mind and body." —Mithrax

Splicer's Detonation

  • "The Way of the Splicer does not usually include explosives. But then, you are not like any Splicer before." —Mithrax

Splicer's Fusion

  • "You turn your fury on Vex and Guardians alike? I find much of humanity confusing." —Mithrax

Splicer's Hardware

  • "Concentrate on your weapon and it will appear in your hands." —Mithrax

Splicer's Scope

  • "Distance is an illusion to those who master the Light." —Mithrax'

Splicer's Sidearm

  • "The Gauntlet is an extension of the Splicer's body. So must it be with their weapon." —Mithrax

Splicer's Slam

  • "Embrace your opponents in the Light." —Mithrax

Splicer's Slice

  • "Ancient Splicers saw blades as weapons of honor. Keep their tradition alive." —Mithrax

Splicer's Slug

  • "Eliksni Splicers prefer finesse, but I've learned to respect the Guardians' more forceful approach." —Mithrax

Splicer's Spray

  • "The Way of the Splicer is a mix of subtlety and violence." —Mithrax

Splicer Sphereology

  • "The Power of the Light can be found everywhere. Even in the depths of the Vex network." —Mithrax

Splicer's Strike

  • "I touch the network with my will. You may use your fists." —Mithrax

Splicer's Terminal

  • "No two Guardians channel their Light in the same way. I believe humans call this… style." —Mithrax

Splicer's Volley

  • "The Vex network is only a potential reality, but bullets can still pierce their veil of probability." —Mithrax

Splicer's Will

  • "Unleash the Great Machine's will upon your opponents." —Mithrax

Splicer's Wrath

  • "Their network has limits. Surpass them." —Mithrax

System Freeze

  • "Use your Darkness and shatter their connections." —Mithrax

Targeted Deletion

  • "Power and precision must always be in balance to prevent unintended consequence." —Mithrax

Unshielded Splicing

  • "You can create interference with the pull of a trigger." —Mithrax