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Vex Sol Collective


Elite Assault and Scout Proxies
Guardian Hunters


Chaos at the Transmat Arena



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Voltaic Wisps


High Durability
Rapid Movement
Warp Rend
Warp Slam
Temporal Slash
Temporal Swipe
Temporal Slam
Evisceration Brazier


Wendigos are massive, yet highly agile and recently produced Vex constructs created as a means to counter a Guardian's paracausal and versatile arsenal.


Wendigos tower over their other mechanical brethren, even towering over Hydras and Wyverns. Like Wyverns, their legs are set in a digitigrade fashion and end in claw. Their torso appears more hunched over, allowing their arms to nearly touch the ground, though still the Vex unit towers over other infantry. Their arms are long and end with protruding spikes at each end, the shoulders and wrists while their fingers are just as spindly and end in Arc-energized claws. From their backs span two wing-like appendages similar to that of the Season of the Undying's Titan Armor Ornament with tendrils handing down from them like a cape. Most unique, however, is the impressively designed head of the unit which features a skull like design, 5 eyes with the center one being the largest and the upper pair just smaller, tubes connecting the head to the body from the back and an abundance of antler-like antennae sprouting from the top and sides similar to that of a Hobgoblin.


Often encountered on higher, more difficult runs of the Chaos at the Transmat Arena or on more difficult Ordeals, these units are arguable the most difficult Vex assault units to deal with. Their most notable mechanic is their Warp Network empowered mobility, which allows them to frequently warp to a different portion of the arena while damaging anyone caught in its way. They will mainly use their Arc-tipped Claws to slash and bash any nearby assailant, however, will often fire off tracking Voltaic Wisps at anyone further away from the unit or when it is anchored to a wall. On that note, the Wendigo has the ability to warp to any solid point on a vertical surface and anchor itself there to either elude their opponents or get a better vantage for long range attacks or to prepare for a Void Warp Slam. Their most powerful attack, however is their Solar Evisceration Brazier, which they will charge up while at a far enough distance, which fires a powerful, accurate beam of energy to incinerate their enemies.

Arguable the most difficult Vex unit to deal with, even in comparison to Wyverns, Djinns or Seraphims, their elimination should be paramount, especially in timed objective-based encounters. Though their agility can be frustrating, their attacks are somewhat predictable. If they throw themselves backwards and enter a "sprinter's stance", they intend on using a Void Warp Rend attack, though the hardest to avoid, will provide a good opportunity to damage the unit, where ever it dashed to. If they pull back an arm, they intend to slash, though unavoidable and the least damaging attack, it can be prevented with a rare stagger or stun. If they bring an arm across their torso, they intend to swipe, which can be avoided by sliding past them or a stagger. If it brings back both arms and appears lower to the ground, it plans on unleashing a slam, which can be avoided with a good, well-timed jump. An outstretched, glowing arm signifies the release of Voltaic Wisps, which can be broken off with good enough cover (note: the wisps have a pretty good AI which can sometimes allow them to "dodge" cover and land in an opportune spot to damage opponents). Finally is the Evisceration Brazier, though powerful, leaves the Wendigo vulnerable. While activating the 3 second charge up of the attack, the Wendigo's head will become more susceptible to damage and, when damaged to an extent, causes the Vex unit to collapse and remain temporarily immobilized with its once concealed core open to damage.