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Warrent Officer Meanie
Biographical Information

Other Names:

Meanie Ascendant


Red Legion (Formerly)
The Discharged


Warren Officer


D1 Legionary



Combat Information


Cold Blood Uprising


Dual Slug Rifles


kinetic Shield
High Durability
Rapid Movement
Limited Flight
Strafe Thrusters
Summon Cabal
Summon Harvester
Cabal Melee


Warrant Officer Meanie is a D1 Legionary From the Red Legion Who was Thrown out For Failing to Save Bracus Zahn, he is Accompanied with his Comrade Vitor, Vision Of Argos


Days in the Red Legion[edit]

Meanie was one of Bracus Zahn’s Men he was one of the most trusted but then When The Guardian came to Kill Zahn He Try to Save him but failed he Was punished for not coming to Aid Zahn on time Ghaul Then Kick him out as his punishment

Fascination with the Taken[edit]

In his Exile He saw Freedom but, not only that when he was in the Moon,He Fell into Hellmouth as he Saw The Fallen House of Dusk Has Control in Hellmouth he Snuck Though to hide and Study the Taken and the hive He saw a Taken Crawling Atlantean Who he met with and They both became a Perfect team

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