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Plague of Darkness



The New Emperor


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Recommended Light Level:



Dreaming City, Reef


Hunt down the Scorn leader of the Shadow Army and prevent Kirito and Asuna from spreading Darkness powers

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"Enter the heart of the Awoken homeworld and stop the Shadowkeepers from corrupting the Reef."
— In-game Description

The New Emperor is the sixth mission in the Paradox expansion. Mara Sov has tasked The Guardian with finding the Shadowkeepers and ending Kirito and Asuna's plans of giving their allies and followers the powers of the Darkness. Instead, they witness the Shadowkeepers and their followers receiving the Darkness's gift in the form of Fusion.



  • Hunt down the Scorn
  • Retrieve Techeun's Crystal
  • Fight your way into the Chasm
  • Pursue Mal's Guards
  • Enter the Shadowkeepers' Hideout
  • Free Rudol von Stroheim
  • Escape


{Loading Screen}

  • Mara Sov: This threat you're looking for is Kirito, the boy who conquered Sword Art Online and slaughtered some of my best guards. Up until now, we never knew why he and Asuna entered our world... but now, what we saw is even worse than what happened to Auradon seven years ago. Assemble a team and rendezvous with Petra. Enter the heart of the City. Kill that murderer and mount his head. I offer the riches of our realm as bounty. Open the gates, and bring an end to that nightmare.


  • Ghost: Petra is out for blood. But we’re here for justice. Aren't we? Anyway, let's hope Vothriks's tip about Kirito and the Shadowkeepers' location is solid. No point in making a deal with the devil if the devil doesn’t come through.

{Cutscene} (WIP- to be edited by Joskaa; remove after finished edit)

LOCATION: Chasm of Corruption, Dreaming City

The Guardian and Petra spy on Kirito and Asuna as they and the Shadowkeepers showcase the Darkness to their followers.

  • Kirito: For years, the world had been bound by aspects of a failed past, full of lies that the Traveler brought upon this universe. But, we knew the truth. In Light, there was only weakness. Only failure. Only subjugation. Only death. But where the Light took, the Dark gives.

As Kirito presents the Darkness's powers to his followers, some of his Shadow troops brutally carry a few prisoners towards where the Shadowkeepers are standing.

  • Kirito: No longer will we be pawns of the Light's lies. No longer will we stand by and let those monsters and so-called heroes abuse our people. No longer will we watch the lives of those we care for be lost. In Darkness, there is only strength. Only power. Only victory. Only freedom. Only life.

Asuna freezes two of the prisoners behind him. A third prisoner, Rudol von Stroheim, trembles in fear.

  • Kirito: And we shall rise forever!

Kirito and Asuna's son, Tatsuyi, burns them away. The Shadow congregation below Kirito are astounded by their actions.

  • Kirito: This power is a gift. One we will share with all of you, in time. Vayeriks!

Vayeriks approaches the Crux of Darkness.

  • Kirito: One by one, we will rise again.

Vayeriks receives a Splinter of Darkness and attaches it to his armor. He then summons a wave of Fusion flames into the floor, creating a sigil of the Shadow Army in front of the Shadow congregation.

  • Kirito: This is our future! Our enemies stand no chance against this power. The Traveler will finally know our pain! Soon, everything will be just like it should be. Good will fall, we will rule, and everyone will chant "Long live evil!"

The Shadow congregation chants "Long live evil," approving Kirito and the power of Darkness. A Dreg points out Petra’s position to Kirito.

  • Kirito: It would appear our enemies have arrived, eager to test us. Let’s return the favor.


  • Whenever the Guardian begins attempting to free Rudol von Stroheim, the music changes to Propaganda.