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Season of the Inferno

Start date:

September 3rd, 2024

End date:

December 10th, 2024

Previous season:

Season of [REDACTED]

Next season:



Season of the Inferno, previously known as Season of the Black Swordsman, is the twenty-fourth Season of Destiny 2 and the flagship Season of the Paradox expansion. Though it technically began on September 3rd, 2024 with the release of Paradox, the first story missions were not released until two weeks after on September 17th. After the destruction of The Black Fleet, Koriks, Flame Kell and Venth call upon The Guardian to help them defend Rasputin by fighting the Grasp of Nokris remnants who have now received support from Savathûn's Brood and the Lucent Brood.



Guardians travel across the system regularly. Yet one area still eludes them - the Olympus Mons volcano of Mars. It has been ordered by the Vanguard as an exclusion zone for unknown reasons - no Guardian is permitted to enter without Vanguard permission. For there lies a Fallen House which has been, in secret, working with the Last City for some time. They are the House of Flame. And they need the Guardians' help.


Guardians work with Venth, a Warlock and the leader of the famous Fireteam Infernium, and Koriks, the powerful leader of the House of Flame to deal with Hive from the former Grasp of Nokris, now with the support of the remnants of Savathûn's Brood, attempting to destroy the House of Flame in order to be unopposed in their attempts to destroy Rasputin once and for all.





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