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Paradox: Prologue
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Destiny 2: Paradox




Auradon, Earth

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Paradox: Prologue is a Story Mission that takes place in Auradon.


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  • Exo Stranger: In the beginning, there was only one...a single black infinitude. Then the infinitude found release, and finally, the darkness broke, filling it with life. With the Multiverse. Every existence multiplied by possibility, and spread out before space and time in infinite measure. Civilizations rose and fell, and rose again to cross realities grasping expanse. Life, a precious gift that took the form of the Traveler, persevering in the face of every obstacle, until finally, the age of heroes and Guardians was born. Chaos, the constant enemy of life, kept at bay by champions from across the Multiverse. Joining forces to fight on behalf of all creation, they found each other just in time. But then, the Darkness came.


  • Exo Stranger: Ever since the deaths of its forces at the hands of the heroes, the Pyramids scoured the entire universe, looking for a new champion to lead our enemies to victory... until one day, they found not one, but two... in the forms of Kirito and Asuna, teenage players from the world of Sword Art Online who united all of our enemies to annihilate the multiverse's heroes, including one of our own, and bring an end to both the Light and the time of past heroes and villains alike. This isn't just my story and yours... it is also the story of a girl who vowed to avenge the deaths of her parents and became the Dragon Queen. While our stories are different, they all began with a Splinter.

LOCATION: Clarity Control, Europa

Kneeling before an Ascendant gateway, a shadowy, armored figure bows.

  • Winnower's Servant: The Dragon’s Eye has awakened. It is on a little world. A human world. They would only wield its power…

As it spoke, it faced two shadows: Kirito and Asuna. Kirito is handed the Shadow Elucidator, a pitch black sword fitted with Taken trims of black emeralds, each encircled with Hive runes, while Asuna is given the Proto-Thorn, a corrupted Scout Rifle adorned with dark, green blades. Then, it turned its head back to the gateway.

  • Winnower's Servant: But our allies know its workings as they never will. They are ready to lead. And our forces will follow.

Tens of thousands of millions of the Darkness’s forces stand ready in a diabolically seething mass of neat rows and columns… the ground simply roars.

  • Winnower's Servant: The world will be theirs. The universe yours. And the humans, what can they do but burn?

LOCATION: Auradon Prep, Earth

Meanwhile, out in Auradon, the school is in a state of panic. It’s an evacuation. A swooping jumpship flies in. Walking out of the jumpship, Commander Zavala and Leafa approach the King of Auradon, Benjamin Florian.

  • Zavala: How bad is it, Ben?
  • Ben: I don't know. But, judging by what you’re seeing, something bad’s already happening.
  • Leafa: You know who?
  • Evie: It's Maleficent. She’s escaped her cage, and now, she’s planning to destroy the barrier and free the villains from the Isle of the Lost.
  • Zavala: Any status on the kids?
  • Auradonian Guard: Only nine dead. Most of the kids… injured.
  • Merlin: (approaching them) Then, I suggest we find Maleficent immediately.
  • Zavala: Hello, Merlin. It is good to see you again.
  • Merlin: Likewise. If what Beast said is true, then I fear what Maleficent’s doing right now could bring a dark terror upon the heart of this kingdom.
  • Zavala: Indeed. She needs to be stopped… at any and all costs.

But then, a mist of green clouds suddenly thunders and shakes the entire kingdom of Auradon. Zavala and his allies run hurriedly into the scene and see Maleficent.

  • Zavala: (clenching his fists) Maleficent. Whatever you’re up to… your wicked schemes, your evil deeds… they end now.
  • Leafa: (finger on the trigger) How the hell is that possible?! You turned into a lizard. We watched you.
  • Maleficent: (laughing) Or did you? Well, I suppose you were right up to this point! How did you like the time when I killed those pathetic weaklings?
  • Ben: What are you talking about?!
  • Maleficent: (cackling) Your friends!

She then began teleporting the corpses of Dizzy Tremaine, Uma, Harry Hook, Gil, Celia, Squeaky and Squirmy Smee, Doug, and Carlos de Vil right there in front of them.

  • Evie: No!
  • Maleficent: Look on the bright side. At least, you’ll get to join them. Of course, right after I have killed that terrible excuse for my daughter. Speaking of which, surrender her to me, and I might spare you. Or, more likely, I’ll just kill you anyway.
  • Ben: Never! She stopped you once, and she will stop you again.
  • Maleficent: We'll see about that!

While Maleficent initially had the upper hand with her arrays of magic, Zavala and his Fireteam persisted, shooting bullets at her barriers. However, she soon overwhelmed them.

But, just when she was about to kill them, her daughter Mal and Jafar’s son Jay arrived and defended them.

  • Mal: Maleficent! You killed my parents and my friends! But now, you will never kill anyone else ever again!
  • Zavala: What are you doing?!
  • Maleficent: (looking at Mal's staff) What’s this toy you’ve brought with you?
  • Mal: This is a keepsake from Hades, the man who adopted me. And this Ember Blade was left behind by you, the one who murdered him! Now, you're going to pay for this… How could you kill them?!

But then, Maleficent grabs Jay and proceeds to kill him.

  • Maleficent: I killed them just like this.

Maleficent pulled out a knife and stabbed Jay in the heart with it. It killed him instantly.

  • Mal: (crying) No!

Evie dropped to the floor in tears. Her best friend was dead. Ben attempted to stop Maleficent out of revenge, but was frozen. Then, Maleficent proceeds to chant a spell, which begins to gradually shatter the barrier.

  • Maleficent: (cackling) Now for you to go where those weaklings are, Mal.

She broke the Ember Staff and started to wrap a shadowy blade around Mal’s neck. Mal tried to fight it but she was too shocked about what happened to Jay.

  • Maleficent: Villains, our revenge begins today!
  • Zavala and Evie: (in unison) Mal, no!

But then, something happened. Mal, now fueled by abnormal hatred, grabbed Maleficent’s staff and stabbed her in the heart.

  • Maleficent: (yelling in horror before dropping to the floor) NOOOOO!!!! That’s not possible! I’m supposed to be the most powerful of them all! Not you! There’s no escaping death, Mal! You can’t…

But, Mal’s eyes glowed bright green as she pulls out her Pulse Rifle before shooting Maleficent in the head. She sighed as she walked towards Evie and Ben.

  • Evie: Mal.
  • Mal: (hugging Evie) It’s over, guys. Maleficent’s dead. Now, you won’t have to suffer what I suffered.
  • Ben: Mal... Mal, what did you do?
  • Mal: I just saved the world.
  • Ben: I don’t care how you did it, Mal. You’re safe, and that’s all that matters.

As Mal turned around, Leafa immediately sensed something disturbing.

  • Leafa: Something’s wrong, guys.

Zavala then approached her, finger on the trigger, but then Mal’s eyes glowed green again and she pushed them back. As they struggled to get back up, she laughed evilly before teleporting away.

  • Merlin: Zavala. Tell me Maleficent didn’t get to her.
  • Zavala: No. This is something else. Something much, much worse than we could’ve anticipated.
  • Ben: Worse?
  • Zavala: (looking at the sky that has now been surrounded by the Pyramids) The Darkness… It’s here.

Unbeknownst to them, the gap on the Isle of the Lost’s barrier shifted down, right to the prison where Yzma’s son Zevon was detained. Suddenly, a shadowy, hooded female figure approached his frozen state and chanted a spell alongside her legion.

  • Magda Peterson: Run free, King Zevon.

The ice suddenly began to break. Now freed from his ice cage, Zevon laughed as he grabbed both the Golden Cobra and the Birthright Jewels from the girl’s hands.

  • Leafa: (stunned by the sudden development of Zevon’s escape within the Isle of the Lost that she saw from Evie’s mirror) A great evil’s coming. On all sides and corners.
  • Merlin: Not coming. They’re already here!
  • Ben: What?!

Then, he and Zavala saw an approaching armada of enemy warships coming out of the newly-developed storm.

  • Zavala: Battle stations!

The warships open fire on the defenses, bombarding Auradon.

  • Zavala: Everyone with me! Now!

But, just when Zavala was about to form his Ward of Dawn, he was suddenly pulled away.

  • Zavala: Everyone, evacuate the civilians!

Suddenly, shadows of the 16 people approached them, with a few of them glaring menacingly.

  • Morgana le Fay: Surrender, Merlin.
  • Zavala: Impossible! It can't be...
  • Ben: You know her?!
  • Merlin: These are dark powers you meddle with, Morgana. Who granted them? Who resurrected you from death?
  • Morgana: Beaters and powerbearers beyond your ken. You five aren't going anywhere.

Morgana smirked as the Fallen, Hive, Vex, Cabal, Taken, and Scorn surround them.

  • Morgana: Neither will you be able to kill Mal.
  • Malcolm Merlyn: Go. Kill any civilian you find and bring their heads to our leaders!
  • Zavala: (determined) Tonight, we fight, Guardians.

Then, he, Merlin, Evie, Ben, and Leafa begin fighting them.


As waves of Fallen prepare their attacks, Zavala charges at them, killing their troops with his Answering Chord.

Ben and Evie formed a shield near them.

  • Ben: (as he and Evie attacked the Hive and Vex) Leafa, find the Godmother’s Wand and reboot the barrier. We’ll handle those guys.
  • Leafa: On it.

Meanwhile, Merlin, holding the Staff of Avalon, readied a spell that blocked the Scorn from going anywhere near the kingdom and its civilians.

  • Merlin: Call upon as many as you want, scumbags! You’ll never reach the walls of this city.

At the same time, Ben’s guards and the Auradonian Kids began mounting a breach against the Taken wave and the dark leaders.

As the Cabal deployed their troops into the field, Zavala turned around and formed a gap that immediately overwhelmed them.

Unfortunately, a masked Kirito and Asuna were watching all of it unfold.

  • Kirito: Look at those weaklings.
  • Asuna: They claim to be defenders of all that is good, Kirito. But, they’re nothing other than the ones who abandoned us and left our people for dead. But with you here, everything will change.
  • Kirito: Then... We take back what’s ours.

Just when Zavala thought the enemies were gone, Kirito threw a few corrupted concussion grenades into the battlefield, brutally paralyzing the fireteam into one spot. At that time, the Fallen, Hive, Vex, Cabal, Taken, and Scorn rose again, stronger than ever, and began breaking the protective barriers that surrounded Auradon. Freddie Facilier and the other Auradonian Kids attempted to try fixing the barrier, but the Reverse-Flash and Damien Darhk knocked them off-course.

  • Zavala: How's that possible?

All of a sudden, Kirito approached them.

  • Kirito: (in a distorted voice) Hello, Zavala. We’ve been waiting for this moment.
  • Zavala: (aiming his rifle at Kirito) Who are you, and why did you come here? This isn’t a world that you can destroy.
  • Kirito: You might not know us.
  • Asuna: But, we know you. We know what you did and what you’ve been doing all our lives. And now, it’s your turn to die the same way our people died.
  • Merlin: Not on our watch, witch! As long as the Light stands strong, you will never win.
  • Kirito: (grinning evilly) We wouldn’t be too sure about that. Your confidence is predictable. You've faced some of the greatest evils known to man, and you've defeated them, but if you think so highly of yourselves that you can defeat any threat that comes your way…

Suddenly, he and Asuna took off their masks. Zavala and his allies saw their faces, immediately shocked.

  • Kirito: How do you feel about us?
  • Leafa: Onii-chan?! Asuna?!
  • Merlin: Impossible! But… but how?!
  • Zavala: So... It’s true. You did survive the attack.
  • Asuna: What can we say? We have friends from higher places.
  • Zavala: (chuckling as he clenched his fists, determined) Friends, you say? Let’s see if your ‘friends’ can handle our might.
  • Kirito: (smirking) We don’t think this fight will be as fair as you think.
  • Ben: We?!

Just then, Zevon approached them, and the Fallen Splicers did the same, fingers on the triggers of their weapons.

  • Zevon: (holding his Golden Cobra) He’s talking about me.
  • Evie: Zevon?! You’re back?! I thought we froze you.
  • Zevon: (grabbing his corrupted Lord of Wolves shotgun) Not for long. That’s right. I’m back, and far more powerful than ever, especially thanks to this weapon, courtesy of the Shadowkeepers.
  • Zavala: (turning around) Shadowkeepers?! You’re in league with THEM?! You don’t even know what they’re capable of. What they’ve done!
  • Zevon: Everything we’ve been doing and everything we will have done… They’re all for Mal!

As they spoke, Ceres Galliot jumpships flew overhead - the Awoken had come to help.

  • Petra Venj: This is Petra Venj, we’ve come to aid in your evacuation. We’ll help hold them off and get everyone to the jumpships.
  • Zavala: Roger that, Petra.

Then, the Shadowkeepers began firing. Petra Venj, her comrades, and Merlin did the same while Ben and Evie fought against Zevon.

Meanwhile, Kirito and Asuna engaged Zavala and Leafa into battle. Zavala’s Answering Chord sending burst fire, and Kirito’s sword slicing through the air, trying to land a blow. At the same time, Asuna fired her weapon at Leafa, who immediately glided through and attempted to distract her. But, Asuna, having immediately known what Leafa would do next, sabotaged her wings.

  • Kirito: (stabbing his sword at Zavala) You will fall easily!
  • Zavala: (dodging his attacks) And you do not know of the Light’s power.
  • Kirito: If the Light is so powerful, then how come the Traveler fell so easily in the Collapse?

Kirito sliced at Zavala’s chest, which created a cut in the armor.

  • Zavala: My people and I didn’t know what the Darkness was capable of. But now, I do.
  • Kirito: Then, I suppose I’ll kill you to give you something to look forward to.
  • Zavala: Then I will show you just how powerful the Light is.

Zavala launched forward, filled with Arc energy, and sent a Fist of Havoc onto the ground, knocking Kirito back and giving Zavala the upper hand.

Kirito attempted to retaliate by lunging forward, but Zavala parried with his shoulder plate. Meanwhile, while Leafa stunned Asuna with her attacks, Ben and Evie managed to distract Zevon long enough to prepare for a special knockout.

However, just when Zavala was about to deliver a shocking attack, the Fallen turned on a mysterious device that immediately caged and crippled the source of Auradon’s majestic energy, which drained Zavala and his nearby companions of their Light and exposed his Ghost.

Upon seeing it all happen, Kirito grinned as he grabbed a Shock Pistol and shot Zavala’s Ghost, while Leafa, Ben, and Evie suddenly suffered waves of brutal attacks from the Shadowkeepers.

Zavala groaned as he was pushed back against the wall and punched repeatedly by Kirito’s right Arc-fused Exo arm.

  • Kirito: (brutally kicking and wounding Zavala, who began coughing blood) For centuries, you let those monsters steal my world and my people from me and become kings and queens of thieves, alone upon stolen thrones! But now, that day is over! The time for heroes and villains is over! My reign begins!

Meanwhile, Evie and Ben, still reeling from their sudden losses of the Light, attempt to try and stop Zevon, but are cornered by another teenage boy.

  • Sasuke Uchiha: Amaterasu!

He sent waves of black flames against them. Evie and Ben tried to blow it away, but suddenly became powerless and on the verge of death.

  • Sasuke: So, you are the kids who claimed to have defeated Zevon? Well, I am here because I must correct your arrogant belief that you can defeat Kirito. (to Ben) The same way I corrected your parents' belief when I slaughtered them.
  • Ben: YOU BASTARD!!! I'LL KI--

Sasuke clenched his left mechanical Exo arm as he began activating his Rinnegan and Sharingan, immediately killing Ben and Evie, while Zevon went on to attach the Golden Cobra to the Pyramid’s core.

Merlin, having witnessed it firsthand, attempts to go after him, but is knocked off-guard by Phoenixaro Uchihamaki, Reign, Djin, Tobias Whale, and the rest of the Shadowkeepers fighting off the Awoken.

  • Merlin: So, that’s how it is… No matter… you’ll never find the civilians. Our people are evacuating them as we speak.
  • Leopold Fitz: No, old man. It’s the beginning of your end… and theirs.
  • Merlin: What?

Merlin gasped before looking at the ships flying towards a trap. At the same time, Uldren Sov, Fikrul, and the Barons, and their armies of Scorn activated an Ether Blade Launcher, its sparks of fury focused on the ships holding the civilians. When the ships came into focus, Uldren smirked.

  • Uldren: Fire.

As the Barons fired the shots, the Scorn cheered as the two ships carrying the civilians blew up. Petra, having felt grief and shock upon watching the ships fall down hard, teleported herself somewhere nearby a place where the Auradonian Kids and the knights were making a stand. But by the time she began running into the fray, most of them were already dead. Petra clenched her fists as she attempted to fire back at their murderers.

  • Petra: (firing furiously at the attackers) You bastards! You’ll pay for your crimes!

Some Awoken units backed her up and joined in the battle, clearing a way for the remaining kids to escape through.

  • Petra: This is Petra - watch out for anti-air! We need to evacuate as many people as we can!

But, she and the Awoken were soon overwhelmed by the Fallen; unfortunately, by the time they were able to fight them, the remaining kids were already dead.

  • Petra: No!