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The Betrayer

Lions' Doorstep


Destiny 2





Recommended Light Level:



Monégasque Ruins, Earth


Help the House of Lions defend their home against the House of Shadows onslaught.

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"Fight alongside Joskaa and the House of Lions to defend their territory against the Fallen Shadows."
— In-game description

Lions' Doorstep is the eighth mission in the Paradox expansion. The Guardian is sent by the Vanguard to help the House of Lions fight back against the chaotic Shadowkeepers and their House of Shadows.


  • Assist the Lions
  • Locate the Shadows' landing point
  • Take out the Shadow Servitor
  • Push back the Shadows
  • Rendezvous to Andiks-Fel



A drawing of the Pyramids starts to form on the screen, and is quickly surrounded by another drawing of the veiled figures. The Splinter of Darkness is illustrated below them.

  • ERIS: For centuries, the Darkness brought destruction and calamity upon our world with the Pyramids.

The illustration withdraws, and creates caricatures of heroes from the past, in detailed poses, fighting against the enemies of Humanity without success.

  • ERIS: We thought the Traveler's sacrifice would help us stop them, but all it did was speed up the process of our coming downfall at the hands of our enemies. Numerous great battles fought for the soul of our world ended in slaughter as endless waves of protectors of this world lost their lives during the assault...

The image of the assault fades, and briefly transforms into the symbol of the Shadow Army, before turning into an image of Kirito and Asuna.

  • ERIS: ...and now, with Zavala gone, these monsters...Kirito and Asuna... plan to rule our world and forge a new vision of Aincrad through corruption, greed, and darkness. As the Pyramids brought an end to the age of heroes, the Shadowkeepers and their dark armies slaughtered countless protectors and innocent lives, turning the heroes' victories into losses, lives into deaths, and wellbeing into extinction.

Kirito and Asuna's portrait is surrounded by drawings of the Shadowkeepers and the Shadow Army elites.

  • Eris: To avenge the deaths of Zavala and numerous innocent souls, you must walk into the heart of the Shadowkeepers' world.

The drawing disappears and the screen fades to black.

  • Eris: You must...become...Descendant.

{Loading Screen}

  • GHOST: Ikora said that we should try to recruit all of our allies to stop Kirito. The House of Lions are one of them, I hope we aren't too late.

They fly into the Monégasque Ruins and see a whole battle ground of Fallen, under the colors of Lions and Shadows

  • GHOST: Wow...we missed a lot...

They would pick up a transmission, it is Joskaa, the House of Lions' Kell.

  • GHOST: Oh thank goodness, you are still is the Lions holding up?
  • JOSKAA: Fine...just...push them out, do any way to take out these intruders.
  • GHOST: On it!


The Guardian runs across the ruins, taking out any Fallen that are attacking the Lions.

GHOST: How many are they?

JOSKAA: A lot...we are able to handle them, thanks to some new toys we got...but anyway, just assist my guys, push back those intruders and find the source, as a lot are coming in from some area...

GHOST: We're on it!

The Guardian runs around the battle field, taking out any Fallen Shadows and assisting the Lion Platoons close by. They come across three Resilient Captains leading some of the ground troops of the Shadows, The Guardian take them out, then they would run across of Shadows, assisted by a Walker.

GHOST: Uh oh...


The Shadow Walker would be crushed by a Brig, colored in House Lions' colors then it would attack the Shadows, and stand idle to guard the area.

GHOST: Hey, some Brigs to help us...I thought they were specifically from Eramis's Fallen?.

JOSKAA: Heh heh heh....We were able to..."barrow" from Eramis, we were to make a agreement.

GHOST: Uh huh...Okay, now that has been taken care of, what's next?

JOSKAA: Find the source! Get to whatever area are they deploying their troops.

GHOST: Doing that now!

They would attempt to locate where are they deploying at. It would be revealed to be a old run down building close by

GHOST: Found it!

JOSKAA: take them out!

The Guardian would run into the building and gun down any Fallen Shadows, then they would get to the top of the building and would see Shadow Skiffs, assisted by Location Defender Shanks and Kirito and Asuna's daugher Yui, who immediately teleports away upon the Guardian approaching them.

GHOST: Found them...

The Guardian would take out the Shanks, but before they could leave, they would be stopped by a large Servitor, named Nitora-6, Sight of Kirito.

GHOST: Take out that Servitor!

The Guardian would destroy the Servitor, then leaves the building.

GHOST: Okay, we did it, next?

JOSKAA: Push back any Shadows, break their forces, make sure they can't "come back"...

GHOST: Doing it now!

The Guardian would attack multiple Shadows moving across the area of the battlefield. Destroying all of them, then they would come face to face with a Captain, named Narvsis, Fist of Kirito. They would kill them and then move on.

GHOST: It is done...

JOSKAA: Good now-

A explosion can be heard within the coms.

GHOST: What happened?

JOSKAA: Gah!, those Fallen are invading My Ketch...back away from my Servitor! Or I will-

The Comms go static.

GHOST: Joskaa? Joskaa!...we need move, FAST!

The Guardian runs quickly to the direction of Andiks-Fel, and attempts to enter it, not before Grasp of Kirito, a Heavy Shank comes in their way, but they were able to destroy the Shank and enters the Ketch. There, they see dogfights between Lions and Shadows, they gun down the Shadows and quickly enters the throne room, where Joskaa is at.


The Guardian and their Ghost opens the Throne room's door, where they see Joskaa fighting off two Dregs and a Resilient Captain. One of the Dregs jumps on Joskaa's back, and attempts to stab him, but the Kell throws the Dreg across the room and slams down his foot, pushing back the other Dreg. Then the Captain attempts to shoot Joskaa, but he punches the Captain and spray bullets from his Shrapnel Launcher, burning the Captain and killing them instantly. Joskaa looks over at The Guardian.

JOSKAA: Took you...a while...

GHOST: We apologize about our delay...are you ok?

JOSKAA: Yeah...just these Fallen...

Joskaa looks to the dead Captain, as his High Servitor, Andiks-5 examines the Captain

JOSKAA: I've never seen these Fallen...nor what House they belong to...they are relentless...I'll give them that...

GHOST: Those Fallen...they're from the House of Shadows. They're working with a dark faction known as the Shadowkeepers, led by their leader, Kirito.

JOSKAA: Kirito?...thought I heard that name before...those grunts kept saying that damn name...Well...this Kirito won't be so tuff against you, Yeah?

GHOST: Um...I'm not sure-

Andiks-5 looks over at the door and howls, the Guardian and Joskaa looks over at the door, and see Shadows coming into the Throne Room, Joskaa draws his weapon.

GHOST: Not again...

But before the Shadows could react, a blast of Arc comes behind them, Joskaa and the Guardian looks to see what did it came from. A Hunter emerges from the door.

JOSEPH: Am I late?

JOSKAA:'s just you...

JOSEPH: Sorry if I scared you two...was in the middle of something...

GHOST: Joseph? a member of AJ's Host? Second-in-Command to AJ? I didn't know you would be here.

JOSEPH: Yeah...House of Lions are one of our closet allies.

JOSKAA: Aw, thanks...

GHOST: Now, Joskaa...we were sent by Ikora to help stop the Shadowkeepers-

JOSKAA: Say no more, I'm in, these Fallen messed with the wrong House...We'll Rendezvous to your City, let us know where you will be at.

GHOST: Oh?...Okay...that was..."easy"...

The Guardian and the Ghost leaves the Throne Room. the it fades to black.

{Mission Ends}