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This article is based on canon information, but the article title is conjectural, as there is currently no official name for the subject. See the talk page for more information.

Fireteam Endgame is a nickname of a one-time, full assault plan against Kirito and the Shadowkeepers. This assault was created by Ikora Rey, Warlock Vanguard and Joskaa, Lion Kell.

Members of this assault[edit]



The creation of this Fireteam began when the Shadowkeepers attacked the whole Solar System, attacking multiple factions of certain species, mainly The Last City. However, many survived the onslaught, thanks to the Guardian, except for the loss of Zavala, whose death has caused a major blow to the Last City, but still survived none the less; since then, remnants of the Vanguard have rendezvoused at lower sections of the City and planned a meeting with their allies' leaders, hoping to form a group to stop Kirito and his forces, calling out any help they could get to stop the Black Swordsman and his army.

The Plan[edit]

In order to put this plan into full swing, many allies of all places would be called out to help out in their cause to put an end to Kirito and Asuna. This includes AJ, the Relentless, Mithrax, the Forsaken, Petra Venj, Brayden-4, Joseph, and Nagihiko, Flame Archon. They would then try to form a way to stop Kirito and Asuna from reigniting a new Dark Age.

Nothing Left to Lose[edit]




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