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This article is about The Fanfiction version of the Devil Loyalists. For the real, yet unofficial faction, see Devil Loyalists.

(Note: Due to unconfirmed name of Eramis's faction, I'll just use the Devil Loyalists of they could have been. stickJoskaa, Lion Kell What's the problem? All in a day's work...well for me, (heh heh) 00:10, June 12, 2020 (EDT))

Devil Loyalists
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Eramis, the Darkness Kell
Valsis, Blade of Eramis
Tevkis, Empowered by Darkness
Siriks, Loyal to Eramis
Raliss, the Inevitable Fate


Mimiks-0, Devil's Scion (destroyed)
Mimiks-1, Devil's Scion (destroyed)
Xelix-4, the Unstoppable Fist
The Annihilating Fury




Zero Hour
Beyond Light


The Devil Loyalists are a group of Fallen that are trying to rebuild the House of Devils. The first encounter of the Loyalists was in the quest mission Zero Hour, where the Devils, led by Siriks, Loyal to Eramis, raided the Old Tower to salvage SIVA. They also become the main antagonists of the upcoming D2 expansion, Beyond Light.


After the deaths of Solkis, Kell of Devils, Riksis, Devil Archon, Sepiks Prime, and Aksis, Archon Prime; as well as the annihilation of the Devil Splicers, the House of Devils was thrown into chaos. This led to the collapse of the Devils and they soon merged with other Houses to create the House of Dusk. Those who remained loyal to the other Houses were captured and sent to languish in the Prison of Elders. This continued until the events of Forsaken.

During the Prison break on the Prison of Elders, a House of Devils Baroness, known as Eramis escaped the prison and called out any Old Fallen traditionalists, former Devil Saboteurs or agents to join her cause in rebuilding the House of Devils, in which they all agreed, becoming a newest Fallen Faction, who sought to save the House of Devils. Eramis also allowed Fallen of other Houses to join the Devils to bolster their ranks.

Recent Events[edit]

Raiding the Tower[edit]

After their creation, the Eramis ordered the Devil Loyalists to raid the destroyed Tower and steal the Outbreak Prime Pulse rifle. Led by Siriks, Loyal to Eramis, they were able to break into the crumbling building and pillage anything they could find, in order to get to the SIVA-powered weapon. This caught the attention of Mithrax, the Forsaken, the Kell of the Fallen House of Light, Mithrax would drop clues for The Guardian to find him and join him, in attempt to stop the Devil Loyalists. After arriving to the location and rushing to the scene, they were able to stop the Raiding party, and kill Siriks, and any other perpetrators, who was part of the act. The Guardian was able to get the Exotic weapon, this time, more powerful, than it original design. Mithrax leaves, and The Guardian obtains, their new Weapon.

European Aerial Zone[edit]

The Devil Loyalists would return again, this time, with a new member, known as: Phensis. Phensis would lead the crew of Eramis, and attack the European Aerial Zone, and claim it, as their own. But a team of Guardians, would intervene and attack the Devil Loyalists; Killing Phensis and driving the Devils out bay.


It is Unknown where, or what, the Devil Loyalists are doing, but it is most certain, that the Devil Loyalists are rebuilding the House of Devils. However it turns out, that the Devil Loyalists are on Europa, using the Pyramids, as a very desperate attempt, to destroy the Guardians, to presumably rebuild the House of Devils, with ease, and have no problems from The Last City.

Beyond Light[edit]

On Jupiter, the Devil Loyalists, led by Eramis, would rendezvous to the Moon, Europa in hopes of survival. Eramis would then, make contact of the Europan Pyramid, and use the Darkness to defeat The Guardian, for vengeance for destroying the House of Devils, along with the other Houses. She would present this to her Faction, with most of the Fallen would disagree with this, other believe, this can save their civilization from The Last City. This would cause a split within the Loyalists, while one taking up ground from the abandoned facilities and former camps, littered on the icy moon's surface while the other half, would used the Pyramids to become more powerful and use labs and areas, that was in the vicinity of the Pyramid, led by Eramis, dubbed: "The Kell of Darkness".



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