Deep Stone Crypt (raid)/Walkthrough

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The very beginning of the raid drops players just outside of a building in Eventide Ruins on Europa. Run forward, into the building, and players will encounter a large group of Fallen enemies, including Dregs, Vandals, and a couple Captains. The objective is simply to eliminate all the enemies and proceed into the tunnel immediately in front of the staircase at the back of the building. The hatch leading into the icy tunnel will only open once ALL enemies are defeated. Proceed though this cave, either on foot or on a Sparrow, to arrive at an airlock leading to the next area, Desolation.

The Blizzard[edit]

Upon exiting the airlock leading into the Desolation area, players will find themselves in a heat bubble and surrounded by several Fallen Pikes. The objective of this area is to traverse the area from one end to the other, using all six heat bubbles as checkpoints (it should be noted that if a player dies during this encounter, they will respawn at the very beginning of the area, and not where they died). The challenge comes in where players must race against the clock to avoid freezing to death while traveling from point to point, a timer of roughly 30 seconds starting from zero stacks of the "Frostbite" debuff, increasing gradually to 10 stacks before a player dies from being in the open for too long.

Standing in one of the six heat bubbles arranged in a line throughout this area will decrease your stacks of Frostbite within a few seconds. Enemies will spawn as players make their way from bubble to bubble, with each group containing a few Dregs, Vandals, and one or two Captains. After players make their way to the last heat bubble of the six, they will be greeted with the usual group of Fallen combatants, in addition to two Brigs. Killing these enemies is not required in order to proceed to the next area, although it is recommended to do so, as the Brigs will shoot out large explosives that can easily kill someone if they are caught in the open. The airlock to proceed to the next area will only open into the next area once all six players are inside.

Once players emerge from the airlock, proceed through the ice cavern that leads to an open area. At the back of this area, there is an open doorway leading inside. Go inside, go up the stairs to the right side, and turn left to go down the hallway and into the first encounter arena.

Crypt Security[edit]

The first encounter in this raid takes place in two rooms: One fully lit with white light, and the other with dull lighting. Both sides are identical, for the most part, with three large tubes at the center of both rooms. The end goal of this encounter is to destroy all six tubes in order of which they are called out. There are also two terminals emanating yellow light, with one on each side. The terminal on the light side contains a buff (one of three that are introduced throughout the raid) called "Operator", and must be picked up by any member of the team to begin the encounter.

Additionally, on the far back wall of the arena, there is a doorway that can only be opened by the Operator by shooting the number panels on the side of the door. This door leads to another door, which exits downstairs to a basement with 10 of those same panels at various spots around the room. This area is very important, as it is where the Operator will spend most of their time. The downstairs area is also divided into two sections (light and dark), with five panels on each side.

After a player begins the encounter by picking the Operator buff, enemies will begin spawning, mainly low-level Dregs, Vandals, and a few Shanks. Additionally, two major Captains will spawn on either side, as well as an Overload Captain. One of the enemies that spawns will have a yellow symbol above its head and must be killed as soon as possible. When it dies, any player may pick up the new buff, known as Scanner. The Scanner is responsible for guiding the Operator around the bottom area and helping them get the rest of the team to the main damage phase.

With the Scanner buff, a player may look through the small glass windows in the floor. This is important because the Operator must find and shoot two of the five panels on either side of their area to get the shields protecting the six fuses to lift, allowing for damage to be dealt. Players can usually assign each panel a number between one and five on each side, with one being the closest to the entrance, and five being the farthest. Whoever has the scanner buff should immediately look for which two panels to shoot on their side, then call them out to the Operator. Once the first two panels are shot, the player with Scanner should immediately find a terminal on their side of the room and place the buff in the terminal so that someone on the other side can grab it.

Repeat this process on both the light side and dark side a few times before the shields on the fuses lift for the damage phase. Once this happens, have the operator place their buff in the terminal at the bottom entrance and have someone pick it up, then have the player with Scanner place their buff in the terminal so the player in the bottom area can tell the five other players which fuse to shoot. Once the player on the bottom has Scanner, they should immediately find which one of the six lights on the pillar next to the buff terminal is glowing yellow. The yellow glow indicates which fuse to shoot (Light side left/middle/right or Dark side left/middle/right). The Scanner must begin calling out which fuse must be shot, and make sure that each fuse is destroyed before calling the next fuse out. All other players should be aware that damaging a fuse NOT the one called out by the Scanner will activate the wipe mechanic and force the team to start over. Damage phase lasts roughly one to two minutes, after which time the fuses will become immune again if all six are not destroyed after the first damage phase. Have the Scanner place their buff in the terminal, and have whoever is holding on to the Operator buff place it back in the terminal. Rinse and repeat until all six fuses have been destroyed.

After the encounter is completed, a chest will spawn at the back door of the dark side area, dropping a piece of pinnacle loot (completing this raid on the same character more than once a week will cause encounter chests to grant a special currency known as Spoils of War (5 Spoils per encounter from Deep Stone Crypt (raid), and 3 per encounter from both Garden of Salvation and Last Wish) , which can be used to receive additional rewards from the final chest at the end of the raid. After receiving loot from the chest, players should proceed through the doorway and through the tunnel towards an elevator. Drop down, and go the the right to exit the elevator. Head through the next tunnel to enter a large, empty area with a Darkness statue in the middle. The door to the next encounter is at the opposite end of the entrance.


In order for this encounter to activate, all players must be in the boss room and stand next to the four computers in front of where Atraks is standing. Once Atraks is activated, she will disappear and allow players to plant a raid banner. This encounter is very unique, as part of it takes place in an entirely separate area from the arena you start in. At the back of the room, there is a set of four escape pods. These pods are essential to the encounter as they will need to be sent up and down to get people from one area to another. Only one person at a time is able to send or receive pods to either area, and can only do so if they have the Scanner augment. Pods are sent by shooting the number panels next to them, just like the first encounter.

The main focus of this encounter is to Kill Atraks-1, Fallen Exo. She has co-opted a technology that allows her to create clones of herself. Finding the correct clone and dealing damage to it is how the encounter progresses. Begin by splitting the group into 3s. One group will stay on the ground, and the other will take three of the escape pods and go into space, landing in a space station in near-Europa orbit.